Misanthropic Boy (cureforyourpain) wrote in debate_corner,
Misanthropic Boy

1 on 1 debate corner.

Well here I want Seth vs. Aaron. The topic is the issue they've been debating everywhere else, so I see no need for me to mention anything about it.

Post your posts in the comments boys, and I'll give it a week for a winner to be named. At the end me and 4 judges of my choosing will pick the winner.

That's all for now! tata!

Comment away!
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I too believe that what happened was horrible. However, I don't think that war is the answer. Blaming an entire country (Afghanistan) for the action of on person or a group of people is utterly stupid. If war does break out, everyone who dies, except those responsible, are innocent. Just because they are in a country that is at war doesn't make them as guilty as the leader(s) of that country. The cost of an actual investigation and prosecution may cost more money, but it would not cost as many lives as a full out war. In my opinion, war is never the best answer, and can only result in worse things.

Sean, my only request for judges is to try to find people who are relatively unbiased, or at least will remain so during judging.