The Lobster Quadrille (calamarimonster) wrote in debate_corner,
The Lobster Quadrille

*Insert Meat Reference Here*

1)Well that's peachy. I don't care.

2)I'll take your challenge when you start taking mine

3)Of course we're smarter than monkeys. Apes are higher on the evolutionary scale. And I really don't think much of the human race. The similarities between us and lower primates is startling.

4)Maybe not, but you brought up the point of nessascity, and it was my job to show how little that matters to us.


6)Yes. Yes Lindsay, because it's "just a fish", that makes it pain less important. If I tied a human to a chair and a fish to another chair, and started cutting them slowly, you'd let the human go first. That's common sense.

7)I don't know. Never said I did, just said I assumed there were some.

8)So we're agreed then, splendid.

9)I'm no expert, but I know a bit more than the laymen. And this is me we're referring to, you know it takes a lot more than scare tactics to sway me.

10)Irrelivant. A lot of things cause Cancer, and hey, something's got to kill you, may as well be something you enjoy. And no, that's not to say I'd enjoy cancer, just I'd prefer meat kills me, as opposed to a mack truck.

11)Yeah, and the rich eat well. And as for the numbers, well that's why they're random silly.

12)It would. Now if only those regulations affected me I'd hop on the bandwagon.

14)I rasied several. Most of them were smaller, placed in the attacks on your points, but there were several there, take your pick

Yes, but it's not happening to people. And so what if we play God? We're both atheists here so that term means almost nothing, and if we don't believe in God, then there is absolutely no reason not to play it, if it's for the betterment of Glorified Apekind.

And also, I asked you for proof in about three different spots, and you didn't even mention that to tell me that you wouldn't. Either admit you're making things up, or give me my evidence.

And I may as well throw in a new point, what the hell.
These creatures are grown for the strict purpose of feeding us. They don't think, they react by instinct.
They don't have emotion, that too is a type of instinct in them.
They are mindless pieces of meat.
A society without art is not an intelligent society.
Therefore the cow civilization is, believe it or not, below us.
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