Misanthropic Boy (cureforyourpain) wrote in debate_corner,
Misanthropic Boy

1 post left for each party

I'm giving each party of Andrew and Lindsay 1 last post on their debate then the decision will be made as to who won.
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You don't have that kind of power Sean.
Andrew, c'mon! We are both getting bored, the judges are probably getting bored, lets just both post one more then let them make their decision.
Oh but I'm not bored, and the judges can't do that, I didn't give them that.
If, however, you're bored and want to concede, I'll accept that.
I'm not going to concede.
You said when the judges see a clear winner they call it.
They can do that!
IF the judges see a clear winner, they can vote, and if it's unanimous then yes.
But Sean can't just say it's time to wrap up.
ok, but what sean says to the other judges in private chats could be something along the lines of lets just all vote and get this done
Yes, if all of them decided to do that for some strange reason.